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We are thrilled to say we’ve smashed our Crowdfunding target by 147% with £845k raised through Crowdcube. But more than that, we are SO excited that we have 446 new shareholders that are coming along for the ride.

If you missed the boat and still want to join us, we’d love to chat. Email us at and we’ll be in touch.



Yes, every investor will receive shares in Kaezen Ltd for which Kaelo is our trading name. The number of shares you receive will be proportionate to the amount that you invest. The final number of shares issued will be dependent upon the final number of investors and amount of money raised.

We plan to invest in two key areas: 1) Invest in our sales and marketing efforts to supercharge our growth in the UK 2) Invest further into our manufacturing process to ensure that our production scales alongside demand. Please see the business plan available on our Crowdcube page for more details.

If we are fortunate to raise more than our target then we will be able to use this investment to grow the company even more quickly than we currently plan to. If we raise investment above the target level, this simply means that we will have more shareholders and be ‘giving away’ a larger % of our company, it will not mean that the initial crowdfunding investors are affected in any way.

We are a private limited company, and in common with all such companies, at present there is no public forum for buying and selling shares in the company. Shares may be bought and sold by private arrangement, however, you must first offer them to other shareholders before transferring them to a single third party at your own expense.

This is a possibility, and it is a circumstance in which you could sell your shares.

Yes we have a business plan available for download on our Crowdcube campaign page with a financial overview included. If, after reading it, you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on the details supplied in the pack, and we will be happy to answer any questions or supply additional information.

This is a long term investment in a fast growing company. We anticipate that the value of your investment will increase over time, giving you capital growth. The main way that you can make money from your investment is by selling your share for more than you paid for it.
We are a private limited company, and our shares are therefore not publicly traded at present. In the event of a future sale of the company you would be able to sell your shares at that stage to the acquiring company. Alternatively, if the business grows to a point where the company management/further institutional investors offer to buy back, you are also likely to be able to sell your shares.
Disclaimer – Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards.

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